Tell me about yourself

My name is Eni Joshua, I am a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, I studied chemical engineering, I currently work as a software engineer and I’m a co-founder at Outerdesk.

What does your business do

Outerdesk provides customer support software for businesses. We have a couple of products. We have a product that allows businesses to set up internet call centers. Essentially, this enables customers to call the businesses directly from their website or their mobile apps.

Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur

This is the same question I wake up every morning and ask myself, I still don’t have an answer. I guess it just happened. In my first year in school, I had a lot of friends in their final year and they were telling me about the chemical engineering department in OAU at the time and I’ll just say I wasn’t really impressed with the educational system in the department. The labs were dysfunctional and the curriculum was mostly outdated. All of these made me lose interest in the course. Then I met some guys who were doing some cool stuff with programming and I got really fascinated and then one thing led to another and here we are now.

What did you start your business with

Outerdesk is actually our second company, so essentially we’ve just bounced from one idea to another. We never got any investment. It’s not like there was a grand plan, we were just young guys trying to have some fun, taking everyday as it comes.

What entrepreneurship myths will you have to debunk

I think that the idea that entrepreneurship is cool is actually a myth. It’s not cool. If you ask me, I’ll say don’t do it. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Some people tend to think that since the system doesn’t work and there are no adequate jobs, everybody should start a business and become a billionaire. However, it’s not like that. Entrepreneurship is hard work, very, very hard. Also, the notion that entrepreneurs enjoy a lot of freedom is actually a myth. The reality in most cases is that entrepreneurs are at the mercy of their clients or customers. They have to ensure that they satisfy their clientele at all costs.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt as an entrepreneur

I think entrepreneurship is 75% perseverance. You should always remember that you’re playing the long game.

What advice would you give prospective entrepreneurs

DON’T DO IT! However, if you must, then you should be ready to persevere through the tough times. You also have to be flexible, you have to be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn and you need to be focused. As an entrepreneur you need to learn to focus because distractions will come like a thief in the night. Family, friends, money, all these things will distract you. I’ve learned that money can actually be a very big distraction.

How will you know if you are cutout for the entrepreneurship life

I think you’ll just know. I don’t think there’s like a method. There’s just a certain satisfaction that comes from doing what you’re meant to do. Entrepreneurship has its different branches, some people are good at closing deals others are good at building products. You could be cut out for entrepreneurship and still fail and you might not be cut out for it and succeed.

Thank you for having me, you can reach me on social media on the following handles

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  • Linkedin: Eni Joshua

Dear Job Applicant

Sending your CV to a recruiter is like asking someone you find attractive, engaging and beautiful to go out on a date with you. You want to show that person that you are worthy of their time and you put your best feet forward. You go out of your way to make sure you look the part you are projecting, you check and double check.

When applying for a job, have it at the back of your mind that you’re simply asking your recruiters to go on a date with you, the date being inviting you to an interview, so you have to pay attention to the little details that will help you make a good impression on the date.

Here are a few points that puts your feet at the door:

  1. Addressing the Recruiter :

You won’t like it, if someone called you by a name you don’t bear, you would rather that the person calls you by your name or address you as a Sir/Ma depending on which applies;

Most times the gender of a recruiter is not known when sending in your application, it is therefore safe and proper to address the recruiter as Dear Sir/Ma, and let the recruiter pick the one that is applicable to him/her.

   2. Go over your CV at least thrice and then give someone to go over it again:

On the day you want to ask someone to go on a date with you, you will naturally dress carefully and meticulously and you will check yourself in front of the mirror over and over again to make sure you are looking your best.

Go over your CV, look out for grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Read it aloud, does it make sense to you? Do you think it represents you well? Does it project the right image of you? If your answer is a maybe or not really, don’t send it to the recruiter. Fine tune it till you have a resounding yes.

  3. Use an email address that shows your name:

When you use a ‘formal’ email address, you project maturity and responsibility. Sending a recruiter your CV is serious business therefore don’t down play it by using  email addresses like,, etc. Instead use email address that reflects your name:,

   4. Don’t snap and send your CV :

Except otherwise stated, do not ever make the mistake of taking a picture of your CV with the intention of sending it to a recruiter. It projects irresponsibility and lack of respect for authority. Always send your CV in the format stated which is in usually PDF format and if otherwise stated, follow the instruction of the recruiter.

    5. Make sure your CV is engaging:

An engaging CV is one which takes the recruiter on a journey, which tells a story of where you have been professionally and the experiences you have gathered. It is not a long boring story, it is one that is concise and precise, chronological, well thought of and has a consistent theme. It is a document written with the sole aim of presenting oneself in the best possible light such that whoever reads it wants to meet and have a conversation with you.

Go all out to impress your date, not projecting falsehood but expressing your strength. Be comfortable in your skin for that is true confidence in it real essence, and confidence is really attractive.

To be continued….

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This week we would be letting you in on one of our services! I hope you all had an amazing weekend?
Marketing is part of the services we offer to our clients; it is literally the heart of your business success. Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing umbrella which covers Advertising, public/customer relations, promotions and sales. This whole marketing process ranges from introducing products or services to the market, to the promotion of goods and services so as to reach a potential customer(s).

We know that without paying customers, a business SHALL meet its demise and that is why we are coming in as an extra leg to businesses playing the vital role in planning how businesses can reach out to potential customers and ensure that people are aware of their product or service. IRW’s job is to ensure that we help businesses meet their target sales through marketing and sales of their product.

One of the ways we help increase sales is by employing blue ocean strategy to conquer new territories, we do not usurp your marketing and sales department rather we complement them to achieve organizational objectives. Furthermore, we represent businesses in different exhibitions that presents opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services to new potential customers as well as network with other business owners.

We can represent your business at different exhibitions, so you do not have to lose a day’s job in-order for you to exhibit your products or services, we are literally just a call or mail away. IRW sure got your back, we are your UNREPENTANT AMBASSADORS, remember?

And so I am hoping that if you run an organization or know of any that is focused on sales and needs to know about IRW you help us share this good tiding to them. {SMILES}





Let Me Tell You About IRW.

Do you run a business, thinking of striking out by yourself or perhaps, you know someone who needs fresh insights into projecting their products to the public? Well, spare me a few minutes of your time to tell you about the perfect buddy your business needs to attain that next level.

Ever heard of IRW, YES? NO? Or MAYBE you have but you are still not sure as to what services we offer? GOOD NEWS!!! I am here to introduce IRW to you as well as clarify your thoughts about us.

IRW is an abbreviation gotten from IRANLOWO, which in English means HELP. We started out from an initial idea; an idea that businesses (MSME’S, SME’s, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and big companies) can be more efficient in carrying out their objectives and at the same time save costs by focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing the rest. We’ve gone ahead to test this theory and our clients have testified to how IRW as their help mate as made it easier to reach and exceed targeted goals.
And so because we want every other business out there to boost efficiency, IRW is offering her services to you AS YOUR PERFECT BUDDY.

We believe IRW can make a difference in the world of business by providing excellent support services to businesses at a price lower than it would cost to do it themselves.
The next question most people will ask now is “Why we think most businesses will need IRW?’’

According to Kevin Grauman ‘’ often a business’s lack of expertise or dedication to non-core tasks results in poor attitudes and ultimately poor performance’’ and also
Adam Katz-Stone once said ‘’ what an outsourcing partner really sells is focus’’ and that is what IRW does, we bring in the FOCUS.

IRW keeps at it to ensure you meet up with your target market and hit that target sales income; we find joy in representing our clients and becoming your unrepentant brand ambassadors.
You could check out for feedbacks from our amazing clients and “THE IRW MART” on Instagram and Facebook if you need us to help showcase or sell your products and publicize your services.

And I am hoping that if you run an organization or know of any that is focused on sales and needs to know about IRW you will share this good tiding to them. {SMILES}