Tell us about yourself

  • My name is David Ademilua, I am an entrepreneur, I run Classic Ads Solutions where we do digital technology solutions, online campaigns, adverts online, helping people get businesses, helping businesses get more businesses online, helping people make profit online, profitable sales online and equally train people in digital solutions, we build websites, I studied computer science at the University of Lagos and I started my entrepreneurship journey in my final year in school and I have been doing that since then till now.

Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur

  • I think it’s a calling, I realized right from my teenage age that I had a passion for empowering people and leading people, so over the years, my strongest will was to bring people together and empower them with skills, so I have had people work with me and leave to start their own businesses, I have never had issues of enmity with people I have taught. The idea is to help people get a hold of their life and launch out. That was how I knew I would be able to be an entrepreneur because it aligns with my passion and it’s been fine since

What did you start your business with

  • At the very beginning it was personal funds, but at different times I have had family and friends donations, I had an investor much later in the business. A year into it my elder sister gave me some funds to launch one of my websites; we were running a blog and making a few thousands of dollars from that blog. I gave a family friend a document and he invested once and stopped, I have had a very good friend who has invested and is still going to invest. Classic Ads Solution keeps getting better financially.

What entrepreneurship myths will you like to debunk

  • I would say you don’t have to necessarily work for someone before you become an entrepreneur, but you need to learn, you need training. You don’t need to get the training from a particular person, you can get it from business development training, and you can also understudy a business while running your own business. I realized all this after a while I had become an entrepreneur; however for me I never had issues. I realized that while you can learn a lot from someone at the very beginning, you can also understudy someone or get a business mentor and still succeed at your business. You done necessarily have to be under someone although it is an added advantage.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt so far your entrepreneurship journey

  •  I believe for every entrepreneur, who has had real entrepreneurship will agree that entrepreneurship teaches you how to manage yourself. It teaches you how to manage your emotions because people will offend you and they will be unreasonable, it teaches you how to manage yourself; there won’t be funds at times. I believe a well- trained entrepreneur is a well-rounded person. Proper management is an essential ingredient for entrepreneurs.

What is your advice to prospective entrepreneurs

  • I would advise anyone to go into entrepreneurship, however I would ask questions that would help me advice the person to go now, go later or not go at all. I would advise anyone to go into entrepreneurship, it might not just be immediate for some it might be later in future

How would you know if you are cutout for the entrepreneurship life

  • There are different types of entrepreneurship; we all fit into one of these different types. If you run a foundation for example, you are an entrepreneur because you are managing people and cash. I don’t believe some people are not meant to be entrepreneurs rather I would say they have not acquired the skills they need, this does mean they are not cut out. There is a quote I follow that says ’’challenges persist because knowledge is limited’’ for each challenge I face as a person, it’s because there is something I don’t know.

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