Please tell me about yourself

  • My names are Immanuel Oluwatobi Astonish, and my brand name is Nuel Astonish, I love simplicity. I was born to inspire people around the world to fulfill destiny. It took me a while to settle for my calling but haven being through so many phases of life, I can say it pays to accept ones calling because there your life will become more meaningful. Have you noticed that about 80% of people are just living a normal life? One that is guaranteed to keep them in the mass. They go to school, earn a degree, get a job, spend it all, stay on social media 24/7, stop learning or investing in their future but complain and give excuses. They look handsome and beautiful while they are young and have a lot of fun too but as they grew old, all they have is the story of the good old days with nothing to show for it. On the order hand we have these 20% who sees their life as something to invest, and because they never stop learning, they never run out of opportunities. Their contemporary calls them the lucky ones but is that really true? When the 80% become retired and broke, they have investments and loved ones available to meet their needs because they prepared for their old age – they lived balance.
    It really hurt me to see people in pain especially early ones, and I know for most of them, it’s because they were not prepared. I’m passionate about helping people become all they are meant to be while creating balance in every area of their life, so they won’t have regrets at the end of their life. I teach my client that you should not purse any goal at the expense of the other. For instance: don’t chase money and ignore your health because success in one area can’t compensate for others. For you to have success in all aspects in life, you need to align with the right principles. What we do is we help people clarify on what really matters.

What does your business do?

  • My business is to inspire true fulfillment and we do so through two avenues: the consulting part –; where we teach people how to fulfill destiny, the second is a non-for-profit organization set up to empower street girls and boys, beggars and IDPs to fulfill destiny by rehabilitating them and empowering them to develop strong character and competence required for them to be financially free and interdependent.
    These two platforms both lead to one end which is to make sure people are fulfilled in life.

Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

  • I was in digital marketing business (even though I still do) but I knew it was time for me to do what I was born to do. It was a matter of life and death. It was when I realized that if I die today without doing the fulfillment consulting and the foundation, I would be very sad and have regrets I just had to launch out.
    And it gives me so much joy that our digital marketing business is helping businesses drive revenue, Afterall no business can be fulfilled without revenue but more importantly, that FulfillD and Beauge Foundation are helping many people fulfill destiny. I chose to be an entrepreneur because I realized that there are so many needs in this world and of course no one can solve all the problems in this world but an average person can solve one. just as I have needs, so does people around me and I also know that there someone out there who needs what I have to offer.

What did you start your business with?

  • It will be great to say, I started with fat bank account, a mentor, and huge clientele but none of that is true. In this part of the world, you start things by yourself mostly, you have an idea, see a market opportunity or talent that people compliment you about, then you acquire the necessary skills and launch out. And that is my story, I started with a believe that I can help someone out there, skills and a laptop… the rest is history

What entrepreneurship myths will you like to debunk

  • Entrepreneurship is for very smart people.
    Many believe that you have to be super smart to be an entrepreneur, an average person sees a Dangote, Bill Gate or Oprah as a someone who knows it all, however, that’s not true. The top entrepreneurs have failed big before but they are humble to enough to learn what works and have discipline to stick to their craft until they succeed.
    The word “entrepreneur” originates from a thirteenth-century French verb, entreprendre, meaning “to do something” or “to undertake.”
    What can you do? Which of this world challenge(s) are you willing to undertake?

    • You don’t have to be super smart at the beginning, you just need to know the basics, be humble enough to learn, surround yourself with people who have character and are competent, be disciplined enough to stick with your business till it becomes a household name.

What is the greatest journey you have learnt so far your entrepreneurship journey?

  • The truth is, it’s not easy, but the fact remains that it is worth it eventually, if you can follow through to the end. My greatest lesson is that entrepreneurs can change the world if they believe in themselves. Everyone who has done something great believed in his or herself. The basic lesson is: believe in yourself, and only then can you manifest your greatness.

What is your advice to prospective entrepreneurs?

  • I would say do what you love, something you can do for free because if you can’t do it for free, then even when you make the money you would not be fulfilled, so my advice is do what you love and what you can do for free and look for people who can pay for it. You want to see the big picture and do what it takes to get there

How would you know if you are cut out for the entrepreneurship life?

  • Everybody cannot be an entrepreneur. It would be wrong to say everybody can be an entrepreneur, the reason is that if everybody starts a business, then who runs these businesses, it’s not just sustainable, so everybody cannot be an entrepreneur – some people don’t even like it. I would rather say everybody can be a person of excellence that drives value. We have two sets of persons: the entrepreneurs and the intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurs are those who starts business and intrapreneurs are those who think like business owners, but works within an established organization. This kind of people can negotiate their salary anytime because they know what they are bringing to the table, they know their impact in the company. The main thing for both the entrepreneurs and the intrapreneurs is to be Enterprising:  which is having or showing initiative and resourcefulness towards problem solving and making profit.

You can reach me on social media handles on the following handles

Instagram: @nuelastonish

Facebook: Nuel Astonish

Twitter: @Nuelastonish


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