_MG_1408Tell us about yourself

  • My name is Mayowa Lawal, I am the founder of Lenpedia, I studied chemical engineering as my first degree, but along the line after my service year, I decided to be an entrepreneur because I couldn’t secure a job and so far so good, I have been enjoying it and I do not regret taking that step

What does your business do

  • We are into home tutoring, we connect parents with professional tutors. We also have a coaching centre at Ajah, where students can come and pay an affordable fee because we understand not all parents can afford home tutoring.

What brought about the idea of entrepreneurship

  • Right from my childhood, it has been something I love. Back in school, I couldn’t imagine myself working in an office and taking instructions. I always wanted to be the one leading and taking decisions. I already had it at the back of my mind that after school, this is what I intend to venture into.

What entrepreneurship myths would you debunk

  • Well most people think everybody can be an entrepreneur. Not everybody can be an entrepreneur, you have to study yourself, there are some qualities you need to possess and if you don’t have them and you venture into it, you might have to draw back, because it takes a lot. It is very easy to go to work and follow instructions, but being an entrepreneur, you are the one taking the decision, entrepreneurship is not something you can just do, it requires a lot and without the required skill set, you might not survive entrepreneurship. It won’t be easy but as long as you have the passion for it you will make it.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt

  • The greatest lesson I have learnt is consistency, and I say that because when I started, I started as if I was just playing with it, I didn’t even see myself as an entrepreneur, so i believe you have to do something you are passionate about and be consistent about it.

What advice would you give prospective entrepreneurs

  • I would tell them that if they don’t have what it takes then they shouldn’t venture into it. And if they are to start, they shouldn’t say they don’t have millions, they can start small. For example I didn’t start with any money

 How would you know if you are cut out for the life of an entrepreneur

  • If you start small,  and you fail you would be able to learn fast, but if you start big, once you fail you might not be able to bear it. Starting small will help you know if you are supposed to be an entrepreneur or not

You can reach me on social media on the following handles

Instagram- @lenpedia

Twitter- @lenpedia

Facebook- Lenpedia


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